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collaborative project
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collaborative project

Collaborative Project


The collaborative project is an opportunity for you and your partner to work on something together, sharing your ideas and learning from each other. In this process, you will put to practice your communication skills and you will work on the ability to understand another person’s worldview. You will gain a meaningful intercultural experience and learning through this activity.


You and your partner must choose one of the following topics to work on the collaborative project:


1) How do you both define peace?  How are your views of peace different and similar?

2) How do you define Conflict? How are your views of conflict different and similar?

3)  How do you see world as a peaceful place?  How do you think and imagine you will use and apply all the things you are learning as college students?  How are your views different and similar?


Talk with your partner about these topics, take notes, compare your views and try to imagine how your partner sees the topic from his or her own perspective.


Then, together, work on some visual representation (e.g., a poster/powerpoint slide) about what you talked about.  Since culture can be symbolic, we’d like you to express your views symbolically (e.g., if money is part of your definition of conflict, use a “$” and then explain it to us, etc.).  We’d like you to represent your ideas visually and digitally so “Powerpoint” or something similar would be useful.  Everything should fit on one slide.


It must be something that reflects both you and your partner’s worldview about that topic and the similarities and differences you noticed.

The idea is that you work on representing your partners view and that he or she represents yours, but both visions must be part of a same and integrated representation. You can exchange ideas and ask your partner to do comments and suggest improvements that can better replicate his or her worldview.


You will present your project in class, where you will talk about:

-what you’ve discussed with your partner about the topic, the similarities and differences.

-the project, how does it represent you and your partners ideas?

-the creative and collaborative process, how did you come up with that idea? what problems did you encounter? Was it easy or difficult to understand your partners worldview?



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